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We all know that our lives are complex, fascinating, and constantly unfolding. There are moments of our lives that transform us and alter the path we walk forever. We know there is an Ignite Moment™ within you like that—one that begs to be shared. We want you to write a chapter with us and go through the exhilarating, eye opening, consciousness-shifting, and heartfelt journey to publication that will turn you into a bestselling author.


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  • A chapter in the book of your choosing

  • 25 physical copies of the book*

  • 100 bricks added to the School of Hope

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We can’t wait to bring your story to life and it is an absolute pleasure to work with you. Let’s add a bestselling book to your fabulous list of accomplishments!

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At Ignite, we take you through every step of the road to bestseller: from brainstorming ideas to editing your final draft and marketing you and your published book! We help you turn your personal experiences and knowledge into a powerful, beautifully crafted story through our workshops, editing sessions, and meetings. We work with you as you write your chapter by providing amazon training, editorial support, developing and executing a successful marketing launch plan, and giving you the tools and support you need to go out and discover your own success with your new platform as a bestselling author!

Being a bestselling author is an incredible accomplishment. It solidifies you as someone whose voice is valuable to the conversation surrounding faith. To date, every Ignite compilation book has become a bestseller, with every single author in each now a bestselling author!

At IGNITE, we take you through every step from brainstorming ideas

to editing your final draft and marketing the published book.

What's included in your investment

Writing with us guarantees you the best of the best. We are proud of every single book we publish, especially because we provide our authors with the most supportive and dynamic 4-month publication process that includes everything from editing to training to marketing and beyond! We always add a special touch to everything we do so you can be confident that you and your story are always in good hands.


  • During this fantastic process, you will enjoy four months of ongoing weekly Mastermind training calls during the writing process and post-book launch. 

  • Divulge in our bi-monthly online Writers’ Nests that will help you craft your story and refine your writing skills. 

  • Make lifelong friends and business collaborations in our exclusive writing platform, Ignite Connect. 

  • Benefit from one-on-one editing time with three different editors: content, deep dive, and developmental editing! 

  • Receive top-tier digital marketing promotional materials and email content. 

  • Receive 35+ branded social media graphics with step-by-step tutorials on utilizing them for publishing success before, during, and post-book launch! 

  • Relax with the knowledge that you, the number one empowerment publishment company, are handling your story with care, love, and a goal to make you a bestselling author. 

  • Utilize Ignite’s powerful print house to produce beautiful, hand-crafted books with high-quality printing techniques and embellishments.

  • RECEIVE 25 PRINT COPIES of your book to sell and distribute to family, friends, and clients for a powerful return on your investment.

  • Become an International Best-Seller author on Amazon.


  • Become an Ignite author for life.

  • Meet other heart-centered individuals wanting to impact humanity.

  • Be a part of our exceptional Ignite Connect community with your own profile page where people can connect directly with you.

  • Be the first to hear about our workshops, writers’ immersions, and epic on-location events.

  • Be featured on our Ignite Television, Podcasts, and Summits.

  • Speak on stage, in person and virtually, at our many international events.

Learn more about our upcoming books

Creativity is a skill that we can apply to anything life throws at us. Whether you’re a creative problem solver, an artist, an expert balancer of creativity and constraint, or anything in between, we want to hear all about it.

Journey Begins May 02, 2024


Are you ready to unleash your potential and share your story of transformation with the world?
Ignite Publishing invites you to join us on a journey of empowerment and inspiration
as we embark on the creation of our next highly sought-after book, Ignite Impact.

BEGINS SEPTember 2024


Are you prepared to share your journey of overcoming obstacles and building resilience?
Join us as we embark on a transformative journey with our latest endeavor, Ignite Resilience.

Beginning in January 2025



Beginning in March 2025

Step into the realm of Ignite Humanity, where every narrative is a tapestry of emotions, experiences, and echoes of hope. Within our vast expanse of global tales, some resonate with unparalleled vigor, illuminating darkened corners and kindling dormant hopes. By joining us, you're not just sharing a story—you're weaving your unique thread into a luminous canvas, contributing to a collective legacy of love, inspiration, and transformation. We at Ignite ardently believe that every voice has the power to light up the world.

Journey Began January 2024

Continue Your Impact With a Brand New Story

Listen to JB Owen share how your story changes the lives of those who read it.
700+ Ignite Moments™ told and counting! Let’s reach over 1000 this year!

*For every dollar purchased, we are donating a portion of our profits to support building the Ignite Possibilities School of Hope in Indonesia. After natural disasters damaged large parts of Indonesia, we have partnered with Classroom of Hope in the initiatives to rebuild schools for those in need.


Secure your Ignite chapter NOW!

Here's what you get when you sign up:

  • A chapter in the book of your choosing

  • 25 physical copies of the book**

  • 100 bricks added to the School of Hope

  • 3 and 6 Month Payment Plan Available

  • PLUS... 3 Additional Bonuses:

    • The Affirmations of a Billionaire audio meditation

    • 12 monthly issues of Spark Success

    • JB's video reading from her upcoming book, The Science of Becoming Rich for Women

** Shipping not included

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JB's focus for Ignite Publishing lies in building a community of individuals devoted to raising the vibration of humanity while making a difference for future generations. She wants to provide the most comprehensive yet easy-to-use platform for members to meet one another, create collaborations, foster enlightenment, be awakened, and enjoy fun-loving friendships across the globe as they write and publish their stories. She believes this is the key ingredient - the backbone of her company. It is what she commits to offering her customers and it is the focus of all that she does.

Book a Discovery call with the Ignite CEO and Founder Lady JB Owen to get all the exciting details. JB will walk you through what it means to join a community of bestselling storytellers sharing their Ignite Moments. She will share details about the Ignite projects and the exciting charity initiative Ignite is running alongside our book and programs.

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