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Welcome to the
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Ignite Creativity!

Welcome to the realm of Ignite Creativity, where the convergence of innovation, artistry, science, and spirituality sparks the flames of conscious imagination.

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transformative journey

 Prepare to embark on a transformative journey through the pages of our book, Ignite Creativity, a beacon of inspiration for connection and self-discovery. Within its depths, ordinary thoughts are transformed into extraordinary creations across realms such as enlightenment, global impact, and awakened business.

Experience the potent force of Creativity firsthand as it swings open doors, sets trends, and carves unique pathways in the world. Join a vibrant community of 50 kindred spirits on this profound voyage. Secure your place before May 2nd, 2024, and immerse yourself in a writing odyssey guaranteed to enrich your life over six transformative months from May to September 2024.

Engage with a series of conscious creativity classes, culminating in the birth of your very own masterpiece showcased to the world on a global scale. Invest in cultivating your Creative Leadership with four exceptional mentors in our Creativity program, offering an exclusive three-month training regimen. Delve into the art of storytelling through photography, master the alchemy of artistic expression, overcome barriers of artistic detachment, and seamlessly integrate creativity into your business strategy.

What You Gain from Ignite

Your $2900 investment includes not only a book but also a roadmap to unleash your creative potential. Moreover, parts of your tuition contribute to building the Ignite Humanity School of Creativity—a beacon of immense learning.

Join a movement that transcends personal growth and development—become part of the Ignite Humanity School Classrooms of Inspiration, where authors are invited to participate in the grand opening of nations in need. Here, your creativity takes on global significance, shaping a brighter future for all generations.

With the Ignite Collection, possess 25 exclusive copies of Ignite Creativity—a tangible testament to your journey toward unparalleled creative excellence. Through the Ignite Portal, immerse yourself in a vibrant global community of creative luminaries. Collaborate, innovate, and expand your horizons alongside like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds and disciplines.

Step into the realm of Ignite Creativity

Unleash your potential as an International Best-Selling Author, illuminating the world stage with your boundless creativity. Seize this extraordinary opportunity to embark on an inner and outer expedition like no other.

Step into the realm of Ignite Creativity, where the journey of self-discovery transforms into a masterpiece of its own accord. Ignite your spark and illuminate the world with its brilliance.

Join us as we celebrate the Infinite
Ways We Express Ourselves

Express Your Originality

At Ignite Creativity, we celebrate the power of originality and innovation as essential gifts of humanity. Within each of us lies the ability to embrace fresh perspectives, dynamic ideas, and exciting creations. Just as we honor renowned figures like Frida Kahlo, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Jane Austen, and Steve Jobs for their contributions, we also celebrate everyday individuals who awaken their creativity to enrich their lives and communities. Whether through art, invention, literature, or leadership, every act of creation breathes life into the world.

Creativity is Everywhere

For those who have harnessed their creativity to make an impact, sharing their vision can inspire countless others to unleash their inner spark. In the pages of Ignite Creativity, a new era of creatives awaits the inspiration to change the world. Creativity ignites creativity, empowering readers to embrace their gifts and celebrate the originality and innovation within us all.

Ignite Creativity

We are thrilled to bring your story to life and continue our journey together. Let's add another bestselling book to your list of accomplishments!

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Training Sessions!

Project Leader

Kathy Strauss

Photographer, Visual Storyteller, Creatively Fit™ Coach, International Best-selling author.

Meet Kathy Strauss, a lifelong creative immersed in photography, art, and coaching. From capturing stories through her lens to guiding others in unlocking their creative potential, Kathy brings a wealth of experience to her work. Join her in exploring the power of visual storytelling and unleashing your creative vision.

Project Leader

Michael Lee

Founder of Innotivity Institute, Creative Breakthrough Catalyst

Michael Lee is the Creative Breakthrough Catalyst, a working creative professional who facilitates breakthroughs for leaders and their teams. He is a world-recognized expert in the mindset of innovation and the art of human capacity reinvention, internationally certified as a Master of Creativity and Innovation Coaching and a Master NLP practitioner, and in six other coaching disciplines, as well as a certified coach trainer, and is one of only three Africans licensed as an Adaptability Quotient Professional Practitioner. He is a two time TEDx speaker, writes a regular column on Creativity for the Mail and Guardian, does a monthly slot on Radio 702, is an Advisory Board Member or World Creativity and Innovation and an EXCO Member of the Creative Community of Practice of the BIC Foundation. His TV productions have won 5 South African Film and TV Awards and he is currently producing an adaptation of Credo Mutwa’s Indaba My Children. In short, Michael will change your mind.

Project Leader

Kate Lumley

That which brings us each PEACE is our PIECE to contribute.

K8 uses her innate gifts & abilities as a visionary artist & clever communicator.  She is a mother of 19 year-old triplets, and has been a top performer in international sales for a Fortune 100 company for more than 25 years.  K8 is the creator of eWEtopIa®, The Love Ewes®, Fun ”e” Farm®, Happy Peepers™, Fun “e” Friends™ & The Land of IN-TENT©.  She is host & producer of WI’LLionaires, a weekly show on Soulogy Network, published author, and international inspirational speaker. K8 uses the POWER of PLAY and IN-TENT to inspire others with her heART to live their most inspEYE-RING lives by BEing their unique gifts and abilities. We each have AH! pART of the BUZZle in co-creating our sweet life together in this GOLD-IN heART AGE.

Project Leader

Gina Trimarco

Chief Improvisor

As a keynote speaker, author, and sales/leadership trainer/coach, Gina Trimarco brings 25-plus years of experience in marketing, sales, business operations and people management to progressive organizations that are ready to go from status quo to status “Let’s Go.”

In addition, Trimarco has experience as a serial start-up entrepreneur as the founder of Carolina Improv Company (improv comedy theater and school since 2008), Pivot10 Results (leadership and sales training agency) and Women Your Mother Warned You About (business podcast). She also produces and hosts a business lifestyle podcast called the Women Your Mother Warned You About, since 2019. which is old in dog years!Co-author of the international best-selling book Ignite Your Courage, Gina is working on her next book Improvised Intelligence, launching in 2024.A native Chicagoan, Gina graduated from DePaul University in addition to training/studying at the Second City Conservatory. She is a 50-something newlywed who resides in Myrtle Beach with her husband and stepson - both who recently converted her into a Star Wars nerd and pretend sports enthusiast.

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Join us in crafting Ignite Creativity and be part of a movement that empowers and inspires. Experience six months of transformative training, weekly mastermind calls, and personalized editing to perfect your story. Sign up today and become an International Best-Selling Author!


We support World Creativity & Innovation Week and Day (WCIW/D), welcoming all to celebrate creativity in every form. Creativity is unbiased and thrives on diversity. We embrace innovators from all backgrounds with open arms, hearts, and minds.

Creativity is what makes the world go round. And don’t just take our word for it–look around you: Everything around you is a product of creative minds thinking differently, challenging the norm, taking risks and learning from trial and error. Everything you do can be a creative act.

We inspire and enable people around the world to celebrate creativity in their own way, and share it with others through our international community and brand presence.

WCIW/D will continue to be a platform for discussion, for spreading the ideals of creativity, for sharing resources, for connecting people, for inspiring and celebrating the incredible lessons and benefits of creativity & innovation all around the world. Please join us.

Practicing creativity will bring creative confidence, and with creative confidence will come your ability to look at problems as opportunities. You will find new solutions to personal opportunities and change your life. You will find creative solutions to community opportunities and change your world. You will discover new connections to improve the world for all of us.

Our mission is simple: we want to encourage people to use new ideas, make new decisions, and take the steps towards making the world (and your place in it) better through creative thinking.

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  • 25 physical copies of the book**

  • 100 bricks added to the Ignite Humanity School of Inspiration

  • PLUS 3 Fabulous Bonuses:

    • The Affirmations of a Billionaire

    • 12 monthly issues of Spark Success

    • JB's video reading of her upcoming book,
      The Science of Becoming Rich for Women

**Shipping Not Included

Ignite Creativity is a book intended to create a profound shift in how readers view and harness their creative superpowers. It is a calling to awaken your creative force and express yourself to the world, igniting others to do the same. We love the expression that creativity brings to the world and believe that it is a pivotal creative outlet for many talented artisans around the world. We also know how powerful storytelling is, and sharing your creative Ignite Moment™ is precisely what someone in the world needs to read to follow their talent and step into their power. Sharing your journey with others will inspire them to chase their dreams and believe in their abilities to create and express through creativity. Our belief in this mission is why we have infused an exciting twist into this compilation book and partnered with the exceptional Kate Lumley, K8 the heARTist of eWEtopIa®, Kathy Strauss Photographer and Visual Storyteller. These talented creatives are partnering with us to offer you a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience whilst writing your chapter in Ignite Creativity.

The offerings include

Weekly masterminds, including art training classes with the talented Kate Lumley and Michael Lee, preparing you to create your art piece, which will be featured in the book and in an Art Auction to help raise money for our initiative to build a school in poverty impoverished areas around the world AND a deck of cards will be created with your Art on them and your Ignite Power Quote—so you can empower and inspire others to go out into the world and be creative.

4-week Photography training with the wonderful Kathy Strauss, learn how to be an amazing visual artist through photography.

A profound mastermind sessions on Improvised Creativity with the fabulous Gina Trimarco.

This book is a celebration and your invitation to join a more significant movement, a force of change that, we believe, can only gain traction when it is presented from a collective voice.

  • TOGETHER, we can support and inspire each other and our audience.

  • TOGETHER, we can step into our highest creative expression. 

  • TOGETHER, we can BE the change we want to see in our world.

Join Ignite Creativity today and empower the world with positive, influential creativity, all whilst sharing YOUR story.

What is included?

  • During this fantastic process, you will enjoy six months of ongoing weekly Mastermind training calls during the writing process and post-book launch.


  • Divulge in our bi-monthly online Writers’ Nests that will help you craft your story and refine your writing skills. 

  • Make lifelong friends and business collaborations in our exclusive writing platform, Ignite Connect™.

  • Benefit from one-on-one editing time with three different editors: content, deep dive, and developmental editing, totaling 4 1/2 hours of perfecting your story!

  • Receive top-tier digital marketing promotional materials and email content.

  • Receive 35+ branded social media graphics with step-by-step tutorials on utilizing them for publishing success before, during, and post-book launch!

  • Relax with the knowledge that, the number one empowerment publishing company, is handling your story with care, love, and a goal to make you a bestselling author.

  • Utilize Ignite’s powerful print house to produce beautiful, hand-crafted books with high-quality printing techniques and embellishments.

  • RECEIVE 25 PRINT COPIES of your book to sell and distribute to family, friends, and clients for a powerful return on your investment.

  • Receive 25 Card Decks for you to use to empower and inspire others to go out into the world and be creative.

  • Become an International Best-Seller author on Amazon.

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*For every dollar purchased, we are donating a portion of our profits to support building the Ignite Possibilities School of Hope in Indonesia. After natural disasters damaged large parts of Indonesia, we have partnered with Classroom of Hope in the initiatives to rebuild schools for those in need.

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