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Writing Begins February 2024

Stories That Unite Us

As humans, it’s built into our DNA to connect with one another. But some of the most nurturing connections we have are actually with our pets! Explore with us all the wonderful ways our pets can Ignite our lives as our loving, loyal companions.

Stories That Build Bridges

Every human being has a story. Every single person has a grand tale to share about their life, the challenges they have faced, and the wisdom they have discovered. These stories are powerful; they can spark inspiration, create ripple effects of positivity, and teach meaningful lessons. But the most essential component when it comes to the power a story holds is its ability to be shared. 

Only when we share our stories do we build profound, lasting connections with others. It's in that sharing that we pass on the wisdom we’ve uncovered and create a space where everyone is heard and seen for who they truly are. With storytelling comes a greater understanding of one another, and a greater connection across all divides.

Ignite Connection invites us to explore the growth, understanding, compassion, and hope that is possible when we cultivate meaningful, soul-deep connections.

Kindred Spirits and
Connective Communities

Humans want to be surrounded by people who understand us. It’s part of our nature. There is no better feeling than finding your tribe or meeting that person that you just click with.

In an increasingly digital and disconnected world, it can be challenging to find the people you resonate with. If you’re someone who has discovered true connection in your life, sharing that knowledge through your story is what will inspire and encourage others to move beyond surface level interactions and dive deep into the worthwhile connections we are all capable of making.

We can't wait to bring your story to life and it is an absolute pleasure to work with you again. Let's add another bestselling book to you fabulous list of accomplishments.

*For every dollar purchased, we are donating a portion of our profits to support building the Ignite Possibilities School of Hope in Indonesia. After natural disasters damaged large parts of Indonesia, we have partnered with Classroom of Hope in the initiatives to rebuild schools for those in need.

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